Neuro Symptoms in relation to Lyme Disease etc and Decision Making and Rational Thinking

I know, what a long title, well I needed to sum up what I am going to talk about.  There is one thing I have noticed that seems to be a constant symptom with almost everybody I know with Lyme Disease, Mold, Parasites, etc.  And that is having a hard time making a decision, stepping back out of an irrational situation and catching yourself and making the right, clear headed decisions you want to be making.

Now this comes from the Neuro symptoms of Lyme, etc but also comes from the feeling of feeling trapped and unable to escape and you begin to dig holes and the holes get bigger and bigger it seems and it seems you can never get out of them.

For myself, this has been a big challenge.  Because my mind would be so affected, I would make a lot of poor decisions or run around in chaos just trying to eat.  On top of this, it would be hard or challenging for me to think rationally or clearly a lot of the time when I would trapped in my never ending chaos.  My mind could not process to get out of it.

So it makes things very difficult when you are trying to make the right decisions to move forward, heal and do everything you can to heal but your mind almost won’t allow you to or you feel like it won’t.

I mean this is very very common with almost everybody and that’s why people get frustrated and why things are so challenging with Lyme Disease, etc.  You feel trapped and feel like there is no escape.

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One Response to Neuro Symptoms in relation to Lyme Disease etc and Decision Making and Rational Thinking

  1. Katie says:

    I’m trying to organize my thoughts into a response…this is the result. Yep. 8)

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