My Old Friend Rifampin

I had a doctor’s appointment on Monday.  To be honest, though of course I have progress in many ways but the reality is I am still pretty symptomatic and effected by the bugs.  I had a couple rough nights last weekend and based off of that I told my doctor this.

So his answer was to get more aggressive and that means adding in a fourth antibiotic, Rifampin.

When I first was diagnosed with Lyme Disease, I was put on Rifampin with Doxycycline and it was an awful time.  Of course, mind you, it was done super improperly and I am in a totally different place but of course it still makes me nervous.  I know it is the right way to go but I will now be taking four antibiotics.

So tomorrow, I reintroduce myself to my old friend Rifampin.  This time I am reintroduced in a new way and different way and we will go hand in hand killing the bacteria that invades my body.

In other news, my book is complete and will be on Amazon on Monday!  More details to come.

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2 Responses to My Old Friend Rifampin

  1. tarathackeray says:

    I’m on Rifampin too! It stirred stuff up initially but it’s gotten much better after two rounds of it. Good luck!

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