When everything fully shifts again

I have spoken awhile back about this idea of when do you know when you are better and I always have said, you do know, you really do know when you shift and you are back to balance and feel symptom free and great again.

For myself, it was always like this.  When my body is always calm, I am fully in my body, strong and clear headed and feel part of  the world all the time no matter what I do.  My vision is clear and I have strength in my body, I am better and I will have fully shifted.

I think what make it so challenging and what makes things feel like they are lasting forever is this cycle that happens and this constant going back and forth can be done through the day and down the minute, of me feeling alive and good and that going away and feeling good and that going away.  This has been happening since the very beginning, even before I moved from L.A. and everything started shifting, I was feeling this.

So when it comes up, I feel the same emotions, feel sensitive and the same physical symptoms and feel like I haven’t moved forward and brings me back to a shitty place, an uncomfortable place.

So once, this stops and everything clears, I will have fully shifted and moved through this and moved on.

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