At What Cost?

That’s what my therapist asked me yesterday for me to think about it.  She asked, “When you get better, what is the cost?”

And I thought about that and I think it is an interesting thing to think about.  We all want to feel great and get better but I don’t know if we really always think about what the cost is for getting better, or AKA, what is holding us back.

For myself, thinking about this, I think about the fear of having this happened again.  Which is a bit different, but I do think about that.  I also think about having to deal with the world again and all the chaos that comes with dealing with the world and how life isn’t perfect.

I have not had to worry about much of anything, except my health for the past two years plus.  I have not had to deal with bills and other responsibilities.  I mean I have gotten used to this cycle and feeling this way.  Sure, there is an element of it that is in line with knowing I am not symptom free yet and thus kind of still keep myself in that protective isolated shell that comes and peaks its’ head out here and there.

So, think about it, what is holding you back?

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2 Responses to At What Cost?

  1. Jason, it seems like you are stuck in between two fears. Relapse vs. release. Don’t let this disease own you.

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