You feel it all

That is what happens when you shift and transform.  You go through everything and you feel it all.  You feel everything that happened in your life.  You feel every emotion, every memory.  You feel it all.  You feel all the pain you went through.  You feel all the memories and thoughts and ideas coming back.  You feel it all.

That is how I have felt the last two years plus.  I have felt it all.  I have felt everything and anything.   It is like pieces of the puzzle are felt here and there to try to rebuild my new self.

You also are sensitive to the world and very vulnerable and feel the world as well.  You feel just everything and anything surrounding you, tenfold.  You feel it all.

It is your cells of your body, your soul moving through it and moving through it all.  It is this happening to help bring the shift and balance and transformation.

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