The Anger That Comes

There is a lot of anger in a lot of the health communities and those stricken with diseases.  Everything from Lyme Disease, to Mental illness to Cancer to AIDS and the list goes on.  Why is there so much anger?

There is a lot of anger because of multiple reasons.  A lot of it comes from having to fight tooth and nail to get treated correctly by doctors, insurance companies, etc. just to be able to really get better.  A lot of anger comes from not being listened to, understood and pushed down upon by so many.  A lot of anger just comes from the frustration of feeling the way we have felt for so long and wanting to not feel this way and move on.

I understand this anger.  I understand this frustration and I feel it coming out of me so often and it is like so often I can’t do much about it.  And a lot of that anger comes from my environment.

I know the saying goes, you create peace form within.  You don’t let others control the way you feel.  The way people are has to do with them, not you.  But it’s hard and it is frustrating and anger does pour out because it builds up and I don’t alway see it as a bad thing.

But you know people have every right to be angry and frustrated.  I mean I see it on a daily basis from posts, groups, what people say, etc.  On how they were mistreated and misdiagnosed and yelled at and put down and shamed on because of how they felt.  You know you would think because somebody feels weak you would give them a hand but it is almost as if they are more shamed on and pushed up on, etc because they are weak.

A plain example of this is you have two men standing outside on a street.  One is homeless, has a sign, dirty clothes, a cup, needs money, food and the other Richard Branson with a sign that says come say hello and help me with this venture or something to that affect.  More people will go to Richard Branson, even though the homeless man needs help and he will be ignored.  And if he approaches for help, he will most likely get shamed upon, or yelled at.  It is in many ways no different when you don’t feel well, that people do this same thing and it is fucking sad and that is where the anger comes from.

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