The Face of Fear

At the root of so many diseases.  At the root of so many traumas.  At the root on why we don’t do things to move our life forward.  Do things we really want to do but don’t.  Keep ourselves isolated.  Keep ourselves complacent.  At the root of all of this is fear.

Fear both protects us but also prevents us.

When things lift for me, when I do feel better and not so tired or not so uncomfortable, fear would be there so often and it would prevent me from just enjoying and doing so much.  Was part of this my body and the universe protecting me, sure.  It was also that I was used to living this way.  Used to feeling isolated and needing to protect myself and plan a certain way, do things a certain way because of how I would potentially feel.  All of that comes back to fear.

I was talking with a friend the other day and she was saying that  don’t let the way you feel prevent you from doing the things to move your life forward.  I mean I did do this for a long time.  Even as I started feeling better, I still did it.  I still kept myself from doing so many things because of fear, not necessarily because of how I felt but it was definitely a lot of the time hard to tell the difference.

I also let past situations, always in the past creating chaos and making poor decisions getting in the way of me doing things, anything.  Letting the face of fear get in my way.

I was reading if you want to stay complacent, stay fearful, stay feeling the way you feel, you can, or you can decide to shift and move forward and not feel that way.

Don’t let the face of fear get in the way of doing anything.

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