Feeling The World

As with any Lyme experience or any experience there are always different moments and different parts.  This has very much been true with my experience.

There are the physical symptoms or me just flying by the day trying to survive and get through it for so long and so many moments.  And then there is me just trying to feel the world again and not feeling it or for so long.

And through this I have these moments where I feel the world again and I am like oh yeah, that’s what wanting to make movies feels like.  That’s what feeling part of the world feels like.  That’s what actually experiencing things feels like.  And then as quickly as that feeling would come, it would seem to disappear just as quickly.

Not feeling part of the world or feeling the world for so long is not a fun feeling.  It is like being in jail for a long period of time and never experiencing the light of the day.  I think this is one of the hardest of the Lyme Symptoms.

This is what has made things so challenging and difficult.  Not feeling the world.

Well the world is coming back, bigger and brighter then ever :).

In other news, check out my book on my journey through Lyme Disease:


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