Get Rid of All the Chaos

If you have chaos in your life and continue to have chaos, you will never get anywhere.  Until you eliminate this chaos, you can’t heal, you can’t grow, you can’t start over and let go of everything.

I understand this chaos quite well, even before my life changed and I started having these strange symptoms.  My life was building up with more and more chaos in it.  And then, ultimately, this chaos built up to me getting sick and everything kind of exploded one day and the chaos just got set free.

It is time to get rid of it all, every bit of chaos in my life.  I don’t need it anymore.  Nobody needs chaos.  It doesn’t help anything.  I know we think that chaos can help us but it doesn’t.  It just makes us avoid things or not allow to have clarity and recognize things we need to know.

Chaos can include friends you have, situations you get yourself into, it can include anything.  No more chaos, no more.

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