I think I have figured it out…

I think I have figured it out.  I mean do we really figure it out.  No, we never fully really figure it out but in many ways I think I have figured it out, or figured out the clarity I want to not only be symptom free but build the life I want to live and how.

So, after 2.5 years of trying to find out what is the best protocol to get me back to feeling 100% all the time and symptom free.  I think this is it:


Currently  –  Azithromyacin, Alinia, Minocycline, Rifampin –  Key – Alinia, Bicillin, Azithromyacin and Rifampin combo.   With Ozone

Working on getting insurance to cover Bicillin.

Also –  Serrapeptase twice a day and Grapefruitseed Extract once a day

Add Raw Garlic – 2 cloves a day.


Nasal Spray

For myself, I feel strongly about this protocol of Alinia, Bicillin, Rifampin and Azithromyacin.  Rifampin and Azithromyacin are kind of bases and Alinia covers cysts, biofilm and and so many other things but I feel the ultimate key in all this is really the Bicillin.  I was actually reading that Bicillin is comparable to IV ABX and might even be better and has been a big key to healing.  So much so, you wonder why it isn’t used first in protocols more often then not.

The only challenge I am having though with Bicillin is getting my insurance to cover it.  I actually had to file a grievance.  So it is a wait.  No matter what, I know this will help me.  So after two months of trying to get it covered, I keep fighting until I am able to get it.

Alicia can also be a challenge.  The company who makes it, Romark, will provide you a free 30 pill bottle if you qualify for financial assistance, which I got and ran out of.  I am supposed to work up to 3 times a day or 90 pills a month.  I decided to order it from India, on alldaychemist, which his super cheap but I am waiting still for them to ship it and knock on wood, it will be the same potency and quality.

It sucks that cost gets in the way of our healing and time goes by.  It is absolute bullshit, especially since you are already dealing with so much.

Also I am doing:

BIOFILM –  Bouloke,  Cistus Incanus, Manuka Honey

All good for bio film killing.

With these herbs, though I am thinking of replacing Sida Acuta with Tick Pathogen Nosode.

HERBS –  Sida Acuta, A-Bart, Crypto-Plus

Other herbs to try in the future –


Mimosa Pudica

Tick Pathogen Nosode  –  Possibly replace Sida-Acuta


CBD oil and juice

Tindimax, and or another cyst buster.

Other IV drugs?

Other parasite drugs

Ozone  –  I feel Ozone can be a big key in healing, especially in combination with ABX.




Coffee Enemas  


Detox Bathes

Yucca, Neuro-Anti-Tox, Pinella

Takesumi Bamboo Charcoal, Chlorella




Bio-HPF  – for digestion as well

Makuna Bean

Pau’D Arco Tea

Schizandra Berry

Morning and Night drink detox drink:

Raw Garlic, Lemon, Cayenne, Kale, Apple, Manuka Honey, Parsley, Cucumber, Tumeric


Lymphatic Drainage Massage


Probiotics –  Switch them up.   –  Kim Chi, Sauerkraut,  Bone Broth


Methyl Guard B plus




Vitamin C/Liposomal Vitamin C

Vitamin D




Mushroom Immune Support

PQQ/ATP Fuel/CoQ -10

Omega Oils

Exercise, Meditate – Tai Chi

Emotional Work – EMDR, Therapist, Brain Detox, Emotional Clearing, Metaphysical triggers, etc.

And there you go.  I really feel strongly the ABX combo with eventually getting Ozone and the herbs and Biofilm killers, while detoxing will get me back to 100% and all this with maintaining my bodies support with base supplements that help in supplying vitamins and minerals, reducing inflammation, supporting the immune system and helping with detox.

Now just figuring out how to pay for everything…

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2 Responses to I think I have figured it out…

  1. It is so exciting to find a combo that works, isn’t it? I love reading these posts from different people, because there are so many ways that people treat. It is like finding the secret key that fits in a hidden lock.

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