Getting More Aggressive

On Monday I had an appointment with Dr. T.  The appointment was good and very straight forward and we both feel by getting more aggressive and continuing to check in I will be on the path to being symptom free and 100%.  So what is this protocol.  Well here it is:

ABX:  Tindimax 3 times a day.  Rifampin, twice a day.  Azithromyacin, twice a day.  Alinia 3 times a day and Bicillin every three days.

HERBS:  Crypto-Plus, Desert Homeopathic Lyme/Babesia Series and Nexus Biopure suppositories.

Biofilm:  Cistus Tea, Bolouke, Manuka Honey

Detox:  Coffee enemas, Takesumi Bamboo Charcoal, Chlorella, Yucca, Neuro-Anti Tox, Hedge Maple, Bathes, Makuna Bean, Pau D Arco Tea, Pinella,  Bio-HPF Also things I want to add Glutathione, Pekana

For herxing –  Cyflacalm II

Supplements:   Multi-Vitamins, Methyl Guard B Plus, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Lithium Orotate, Ornithine, Neuro-Mag, Curcumin blend, probiotics, L-Carnitine, Quercetin, PQQ

That’s my plan.  A bit daunting and overwhelming and slowly incorporating everything in. Minus the supplements and things for detox which I already do.

I feel good about this plan.

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