Pushing Through Towards The Finish Line

I remember clearly when I first started this blog over 2.5 years ago.  Before I knew what I was dealing with, before Lyme Disease, before the transformation.  One of my first blog posts had to do with a journey and a man going through a journey running into obstacles along the way, not knowing where it was going to lead or how to get there.  But knowing that though it would be hard and the last legs would be tough, they would end up feeling better then they ever felt and reaching their goal.

I have believed in this the whole time from the beginning until now and though it has been tough and even was tough for a couple nights ago.  I just keep pushing towards the finish line.

This last legs, these last legs feel the hardest.  The most intense.  Though I am much more prepared to deal with it all, it does not make it easy.  I am on a more intense protocol then I have ever been on.  I am doing more to take care of myself.  I am also aware of more and processing a lot of past emotions and feelings to really push through and heal.

So I am pushing towards the finish line, moving through that journey, those obstacles and getting to my goals.  You can’t stop till you get there and you will, I am getting there.

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