The Casualties of Lyme

A casualty when it comes to war means somebody who has been hurt or killed in war.  When it comes to something like Lyme Disease though, it is in some ways no different.

When somebody has Lyme Disease, diagnosed with it, goes through the transformative process.  They are left lost and in a world you cannot even begin to imagine.  When the person starts feeling better and comes out of this world after months or usually years.  They become a casualty of Lyme.  They become almost lost in the world in a sense, in a world that they have not experienced in a long long time.

When a soldier comes home from war, they feel lost.  They don’t have all these people usually helping them adapt and helping them survive again.  In many ways, this is the same with Lyme Disease.  You become a casualty of Lyme.

My point in this post, is that it is just a hard and there needs to be just as much support for those not just going through Lyme Disease also when they transition out of Lyme Disease and back to the world and reality.

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