Breaking The Bottle

There is a bottle that we tend to keep ourselves in when we go through something like Lyme Disease.  I am not exception.

Keeping myself in this bottle for protection reasons and not being able to handle the outside world and the trapped feeling of the Lyme Bacteria.

For a long time, I actually would not do more things that were not just taking care of myself but also things that could move my life forward, etc. and do more to progress my healing.  The reason was not just because of the bacteria, it was a lot because of fear and not wanting to escape the bottle.

I am finally really breaking that bottle and breaking free and adapting back to the world and most of all not giving a shit and not letting the world affect me or care what people think etc.  Really good things to build and bring through this transformation.

I so much so kept myself in fear and in this bottle that I didn’t see so many people, friends or like I said, do the things I needed to do to move my life forward and most of all fully heal.

A lot of people with Lyme Disease feel this and it is not just the symptoms, it is also the sensitivity and vulnerability they have from not being listened to or heard or feeling bad or weird about doing what they need to do to get better.  I still see doctors, good Lyme Doctors, not show the compassion or the care needed for Lyme patients and allowing them to do everything they can to get better, whatever it takes and telling them to do that and being always available.  Honestly, it is a big problem I think.

Lyme Disease is not about guessing games, it should be about learning how to take a person out of a gutter and giving them the strength and courage and motivation to do whatever it takes to get better and help them see the light.

So break that bottle.  Don’t let anything stop you from your health and your life.  Don’t let issues with doctor’s offices and doctors and family and friends and this and that get in the way of you living the life you want and healing.

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