Your True Self

Are you staying to true to yourself?  Are you doing what you want with your life?  Are you speaking to your true self and staying true to the life you want to be living?  Well if you are not, you should be.

I have been thinking about this and even in this metaphysical book, it talks about some of the causes of some diseases have to do with not staying true to yourself.  So since I have made that discovery I have worked on staying true to myself and what works best for me and the path that I want to create.

Before my life shifted, I was working in a bar, not what I wanted to be doing.  In a crappy apartment, I did not want to live in, overall just not being true to myself and living the life I wanted to live, what was true for me.

So thinking about what is true to myself, not true to pleasing others or doing things because of what others might think of me.  Or just doing things to do them.  True to myself is:

Travelling, I love traveling and though the last two plus years I have not done much of it.  I love it.

Being spontaneous in a fun way.  This is me and this is what I enjoy.

Talking with others and being social and open.  I enjoy this and always have.  I kept myself in a bubble for a long time because of fear of how I felt, reactions, etc.

Making films and creating projects –  Enough said.

Helping others –  I enjoy helping others and always have.  I have to be true to myself and take care of myself, but I have always enjoyed helping others.

Going to fun events, parties, anything intellectually stimulating.  I have lost this in many ways and am working on gaining it back.

Not letting people walk over me.

Not giving up my power.

Not letting fear get in the way of who my true self is.

Speaking to others – I have always enjoy being a motivator and speaking to others.

That’s what I have for now.  What is being true to yourself?

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