The Pieces and the Parts

When you have Lyme Disease, all your pieces and parts get taken over.  Your body gets taken over.  Your whole being gets taken over and simply put you are working to take your new body back as you continually transform from your old self.

You work on getting the pieces and parts of your body back.  It ebbs and flows and sometimes you have a bit more of your new self and sometimes the Lyme takes over more. And as time goes on and as you heal, you claim your body and your space and who you are more and more and these unwanted invaders slowly leave.

I remember the first doctor I saw, who diagnosed me, told me there is an element about creating a symbiotic relationship with the bugs and then also helping them move and move out of you so you can move on from all of this.

So, I would always talk to the bugs when I was super sick and tell them to please leave and move on.  I know it sounds crazy or woo woo, but this is what happens.  You literally have another being, or other beings take over your ecosystem and your self.

So, why people will feel better some days and worse others is part of the transformation and part of the healing and part of the ebbs and flows.  You feel better when you take your power and yourself back more, over the bugs and you feel worse, when the bugs take over more and you allow yourself to be invaded more and more.

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  1. Hi, Jason!

    I am just catching up with my blogs and such. Our schedule is turning out to be busier than I thought this week, but I would like to try to catch up tomorrow. My email is thepersonnexttoyouchannel AT gmail DOT COM.

    Shoot me a message and let me know your thoughts about tomorrow. I will see if I can shift things a bit.

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