Start with Nothing

If your life becomes chaotic and you are not going in the direction you want to be going, you need to just reconfigure, let go and break everything down to nothing.

I think about this and how even as time would go on, I would still hold on to bits and pieces of old habit, negative thoughts or my old self.  Not fully let go of everything and I mean everything to then start from scratch and rebuild.  I mean if you build a building and it is not done right, you have to totally redo it.

Take this example.  Somebody gets something like Lyme Disease really out of the blue.  They were fine before, healthy, had a life and then they don’t, so they are in this transition period, this transformative period for reason.  You can then hold onto your old life, which might not have been as great as you thought, I mean you got sick, or you can let go of everything, everything, nothing material, no attachment and start with nothing.

I mean imagine that, imagine your life right now, where it is at and imagine the opportunity to just get to start over, start with nothing and rebuild things the way you want.  Isn’t that a beautiful thing.  I think so.

So let go of it all and start with nothing, I mean nothing and then watch you grow and build to something bigger and better and new.

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