Decisions make up our existence.  What we decide can change the course of events for a long time to come.

I think one of the biggest things that was impaired through my transformation was my decision making.  So much so, that I would constantly make clouded decisions that would in turn create more chaos in the day.  I feel this is true with so many dealing with Lyme Disease or any other disorder that can cloud your body and your mind.

Another element on why this happens I feel is because our boundaries our so skewed when we deal with this process, that it is hard for us to make rational decisions.  Like everything gets unleashed all of sudden and you can reign it all in.

As I continue to get better and better, I look at my decisions much more clearly and see how clouded my decision making was and how as I make better decisions how much it affects how I feel and my day, my healing and my life.

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