Changing the Minimalistic Self

It usually isn’t only one thing that causes illness in somebody.  It is usually a multitude of events that kind of all come to a head at once.  For myself, one of the things that caused this transformation, this shift, this illness, whatever you want to call it, was living a “minimalistic life” and I guess ultimately not living the life I was meant to live, want to be living and staying true to myself and taking care of myself as I should have been.

I know I have spoken about these things before.  Heck, I have spoken about this a number of times in both my blog and my book, but ultimately everything comes back to this.

I look at now even and what I have gone through and how I will do a bit here or a bit there, a big part of it because I couldn’t before do that much in a day or at once.  Could it just be because of how I felt I did not do more, or is there a correlation between the minimalism that created this experience and the minimalism now.  I think there is a correlation.

So, I have been constantly working to break this habit and changing this attitude and moving on from it and totally transforming.  I am creating a new self, a totally new person who does not do any of these bad habits I did in the past and stay true to myself and take care of myself and trust the universe.

Changing a habit that took years and years to build is not easy and takes time and work and pain and layers and catching myself and working on myself.  It is changing my whole being, which is ultimately what “Lyme Disease” or this transformation has done.  It is creating new habits, better habits through the day and ultimately, just changing my whole being.

Minimalism has its’ place but it also has its’ down side and negative side and comes back to ultimately taking care of yourself and staying true to yourself and not letting anything hold you back and taking your power back.

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