Breaking Free From Lyme Jail

There will be a moment.  There will be a shift.  When I and you and everybody who beats Lyme Disease essentially breaks free and breaks free from “Lyme Jail.”

This is the moment that you hold on to, that I have held on to, the small bits and glimpses and moments were I have broken free and broke back into the world into my new transformed self.  Not my oblivious self, not my not dealing with everything fully self, not just trying to enjoy the cycle, the self that truly breaks free and is part of the world again.

It is an interesting feeling because the life that you see the last 2.5 years is just a blur and in many ways not you, actually not you at all and you start to realize more and more how much it isn’t you and how you were trapped in jail and filled with bugs doing all of these things.

It is like once I break free, I am free and that is that major shift and that’s when I have moved on.

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One Response to Breaking Free From Lyme Jail

  1. I have been going through a whole mental shift of “what the hell do I do now?” – remission is close, and I don’t know what life will be like when we don’t take meds 4X/day, don’t have to visit the Lyme doc every 1-2 months, labwork, detox schedules, making up med boxes for the week, etc. This disease is a full-time job, and we are getting our notice that it will be ending soon.

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