The Politics of Lyme Disease

There was a protest this weekend at the IDSA conference.  The protest is protesting the guidelines that were created by the IDSA when it comes to treating Lyme Disease.  Why are the guidelines an issue?  Well, the guidelines basically say that thirty days of Antibiotics, at the most can cure every single Lyme Disease case.  Basically saying that every Lyme Disease case is exactly the same and entails the same treatment and will cure them.  When it comes to Cancer, is every case the same?  No.  When it comes to HIV/AIDS is every case the same?  No.  So, why is Lyme Disease different?  Well, it isn’t.

The truth is thirty days of antibiotics more frequently does not cure most Lyme Disease cases but the problem is Doctors throughout the United States and world listen to these guidelines and therefore hundreds of thousands of individuals, and probably even more then that, stay sick, don’t get better, actually get worse and so often the disease manifests into so many other diseases that are labeled those other diseases, like MS or Lupus, or Alzheimers, not Lyme Disease.

Now, could a doctor go the extra mile and realize that more often then not these Lyme Disease cases don’t get cured by thirty days of antibiotics, sure of course they can, but so often they don’t and dismiss individuals mostly because they don’t want to do the work.  You then ask yourself, what happened to the Hippocratic Oath of putting the care of patients first.

So coming back to this protest, I saw hundreds of doctors walk by seemingly not caring about the protest and exemplifying the same energy I am sure they give to their patients.  Shame on them.

You would think there are certain care of patients and people requirements for doctors and their true well-being.  Well unfortunately that is not the case that is the irony of the medical system in the United States and what leads to the politics of Lyme Disease.

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2 Responses to The Politics of Lyme Disease

  1. Check out the letter that is in this article. How condescending!?!

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