I Don’t Need This Anymore

There comes a point were you don’t need to be in”protection mode”  You don’t need to feel isolated and you don’t need Lyme Disease or anything else weighing you down.  There comes a point were you don’t need “this” anymore.

I am more and more and more getting to that point.  You know you feel that you keep thinking that you are at the point and you dig a little more and feel a little bit more but realize you are not quite at that point yet.   But then you realize one day, you really don’t need this anymore.  You don’t need to feel shitty.  You don’t need to have toxins inside you, you don’t need anything affecting you.  You just really don’t need it.

A lot of us think we need it and think we need to feel a certain way.  It might not totally be conscious but a subconscious part of it feels that we need something we really don’t need.  You can call it attachment, you can call it protection, you can call it whatever.  The reality is you don’t need this or that anymore.

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