Spiritual Shift

What is a spiritual Shift?  Let alone, what is spirituality for that matter.  Well, I don’t think there is one clear cut definition for either of them.

For myself, when I went through what I went through when I was 20, or whatever you want to call it, I always felt I went through a “spiritual shift”.  Not ever really knowing what it was, all I knew is it totally radically changed my life path and I had no control over that.  I didn’t know it was “Lyme Disease” or anything else for that matter.  I just called it a “spiritual shift”.

So, when the same thing happen again, but in a different time in my life, I again called it a spiritual shift, though this time it was stronger and bigger and much more transformative.

Now, the question goes, why do these happen or why did these shifts happen to me.  The simple answer, to learn a lesson or lessons that needed to be learned.  Another answer, or the more direct answer, I was not staying to true to my path and true to myself.  Which I believe is a big part of why all diseases and shifts happen.

So if you don’t want to go through a massive change, look inside you and stay true to yourself and your path.

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