Breaking The Glass

One day you suddenly start living your life in glass.  Glass that is essentially unbreakable no matter what you do and you have no idea why.

This is what happened to me one day.  This is is what happens to a lot of people with Lyme Disease out of the blue.  Out of the blue, a glass shield comes over them and they have no idea were it came from and how to get out of it.  They become used to living their life in this glass shield with the hopes of one day being able to break it.

So everyday we ask ourselves how do we break this glass?  How do we break free?

Well we find the key to open the glass.  And what is the key, well I can only speak for myself what that key is as it varies on an individual basis.

The key for me is my lessons that I have learned that I have spoken about in my blog entries.  Being true to yourself, follow your path, trust the universe, let go, don’t be hard on  yourself, take care of yourself fully, feel fully abundant, find balance in everything and be you, not anybody else.

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