Turning The Tide

It is almost like yesterday that my life just rapidly changed out of the blue and I couldn’t do anything to stop it.  It is like I remember it clearly, well I actually remember the last three years very clearly, everything I went through, the ups and downs and the constant vicious cycle.

On Monday, I went for a sort of job interview.  I say sort of, because it wasn’t exactly a straight forward interview but it wasn’t just a random meeting either.  I have not gone on anything like this in years or even thought about doing something like this in years.  I see it as the tides turning and me moving on with my life and releasing the last three years and letting go of Lyme Disease and everything I have been through.

So, I am turning the tide.  I really am.  For a long time I always thought I was turning the tide but the reality was I wasn’t.  And it is hard because the cyclic nature always made me feel like I will be symptom free in three more months or six more months but that wasn’t the case.  It has taken a lot longer then I realized.

Well the tide is finally turning and turning and turning more each day.

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4 Responses to Turning The Tide

  1. I have always felt that you and I am meandering on the same path with all this Lyme stuff, and the emotional breakdown and rebuilding that has gone along with it. It feels good to read that the tide is turning more and more each day, because I have felt the same but I am almost afraid to talk about it too much.

    Jason, are you still treating at all?

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