Fear.  Fear gets in the way from everything you do and want to do.  When you make an excuse because you didn’t do something, it is all based on fear.  When you can’t make a decision, it can come back to fear.  When you are not leading the life you want to live, you can come back to fear.

I know fear quite well.  I know fear so well that it consumed me in every moment and every being of everything I did.  It prevented me from doing things that can make me feel better.  Things that can move my life forward and do the things that can help me live the life I want to be living. I knew until I released this fear, I would not really heal and not live the life I want to be living.

I was so much in fear and consumed by it that I would not take this or do that or do this or pretty much anything.  Everything I did was based around fear.

Now mind you, sure you can blame the bugs/bacteria and the pathogens to an extent, because they create this fear and prevent you from doing things that might get rid of them or disrupt them but at the end of the day, it is fear and this unreal thing that is preventing you from doing what you need to do and ultimately heal.

It has taken me nearly three years to really start overcoming this and let go of it.  And I look back on how much I did not do so many things that were only going to help me not hurt me, because of fear.  I look back and how much I let the fear of dealing with others and my sensitivity prevent me from living my life.  I look back and realize how much I let my power get taken way.

So to sum it up, watch my latest video on Youtube:

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