Adapting and Readapting

Any major change were your life changes suddenly and then your life changes back again to the better can be summed up in three words, adapting and readapting.

So for myself, I had to first spend days, months, I would say probably close to two years adapting to feeling a certain way all the time and getting used to that.  Getting used to feeling that way and working on getting comfortable feeling that way.  It took really a long time for me to find some kind of routine with things to be able to not just not feel so off all the time and so unsure and not understand it but to also start to heal by getting to a place of adaptation.

So, once I adapted to things, I then had to start readapting to things.  Readapting to the world and not used to feeling the way I felt.  The readapting period has almost been harder then the adapting period in many ways.

I always come back to the show Rectify.  The show is about somebody who was put on Death row when he was 17 and then 20 years later has to readapt to the outside world.  It is very similar to my own readapting period.

It is simply like the last three years has just been a period of transition and transformation in which I was in this flux.

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