Health and Wellness

We forget, that at the end of the day, nothing matters, I mean nothing matters, if you don’t have your health.  Your big house doesn’t matter.  Your relationship doesn’t matter.  Your job doesn’t matter.  Nothing matters if you don’t have your health.

Unfortunately, we tend to learn this the hard way and let our health go to the waist side and not take care of it the way we should.  Is that all the individual’s blame for that?  Yes and No.  Yes because a person is responsible for themselves.  No, because our medical/health system does not really educate and help people take care of themselves.  They pump people full of pills and try to treat symptoms but beyond that, good luck.

Our health and well-being is so important to us, you wonder why there is not more done.  Sure, a lot is not done because of the need for profit and on top of that individuals who just work and work and forget to take care of themselves.

Well, I am working on that answer.  More to come..

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