Filtering Through the Trauma

It is kind of fucked up feeling when you realize that the last almost three years of your life, you really didn’t experience or have any control of whatsoever.  It is even harder that when you were going through all of this, the trauma of everything you went through seemed to build because you could not filter through it at the time.

That is kind of where I am at.  Filtering through the trauma.  It is a lot on a subconscious level but it is definitely happening.  Part of it maybe because I am not symptom free yet and the correlation that the symptoms have with trauma and emotions.  But also part of it as the healing process.

Individuals who deal with Lyme Disease and go through it, have so much trauma that they build up in their bodies that it is important that they find ways to release it and fully heal the trauma.  There are things like EMDR, that can help.  Somatic breath work, meditation, journaling and just allowing the emotions and trauma to be felt and let go of.

Filtering through the trauma, one breath at a time.

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