The Shift

My Dr. mentioned to me awhile back if I had that big shift yet.  That shift that I guess means the tide has turned and I am in mode of fully healing and not struggling.  The shift that means I have moved on from everything and the memory of struggle, of Lyme Disease, of transformation has become a distant memory..

The whole process of this journey has been emotional.  The shift is an emotional one in itself, because you break through all your own wounds and patterns and feelings and memories and struggles and let go fully of your old self and break free.

The shift you feel in your soul, you feel every place in your body and mind, a shift towards a new awakening and shift towards not needing to feel uncomfortable and in a trapped internal struggle anymore.

How have I come close to this shift or coming through this shift?  Well, it has not been easy.  It has been a lot of positive thinking, letting go, trusting, patience, determination and energy all towards myself and my healing and where I want to be.

It is saying fuck you to Lyme Disease to anything taking my life or my power away and releasing it and allowing.  It is coming to a place of peace and consciousness and being able to live my life fully again and not let anything stop that.

Bring in positivity and not chaos.  Bring in the light, and not the darkness and shifting the energy, shifting the emotions of what was once struggle into healing and illumination.

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