Put Energy Into Yourself

Do you know why you fail?  Do you know why you did not get to the goal you wanted to get too?  Because you did not put all of your energy in yourself and or that goal.  Maybe you think you did, but in reality, you did not.

I look at myself and have seen that scatteredness or this happening all of the time, even still at times up to this point no matter how much I have learned or grown.  I still see myself scattered, avoiding things, not fully putting all the energy into myself or my goal.

We do this all the time and we think we are going to get to our goal or achieve everything we want in life but in reality we don’t because of this.  We focus on others to much, we focus on distractions or we go in circles.

So challenge you, I challenge myself, to put all of your energy, all of it into just you and see what happens.

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