Something I have learned

If you read my blog, if you read my book, you see how open I have been.  You see how much I have struggled with allowing the outside world affect me, specifically or mostly, my family.  You will see how much energy was put into reacting and caring about something I should not have been.

What I learned is, I spent years doing this and it was taking me away from my healing and moving my life forward and doing what I want to be doing.

Recently, and yes it took this long, I stopped doing this.  I have learned that reacting and spending so much energy trying to explain things to people who don’t understand or reacting to people or things out of my control, etc. was not going to help me heal and was a waste of my time and my energy.

It is important lesson to learn, no matter how hard it has been, feeling the way I have felt.  But it opens up more possibilities and most of all the healing I want and the life I want.

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2 Responses to Something I have learned

  1. I’m glad you’ve learned this lesson. It’s still a work in progress for me. Enjoyed the video

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