I think one of my biggest if not my biggest pet peeves is flakiness.  I have always hated it.  I think a lot of that is the capricorn in me.

Through my life, it seemed flakiness was a common theme.  Before cel phones were used a lot, I would show up at places with nobody being there.  As they came more into the picture and I saw this happening more and more, I would always try to confirm things the day before to make sure the person would be there.  So often, the person would say they could not make it and I would think to myself if I did not say something, would they have even told me.

When I started not feeling well, and my time became very sparse and mind clouded, it seemed this happened more and more.  Some of the excuses were valid but so often they weren’t and it would create such an impact on me because it would be the one thing I planned or I would plan my day around it and then things would fizzle and I would not end up doing anything.

I have had to learn to just realize this is going to happen 50% of the time.  I know that might sound pessimistic and a negative view on things but in reality, it is the truth.  I have had to learn to realize this common nature with most people.

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