Money and Anger

Two things that seem vastly different and in many ways are but at the same time have a similarity, at leas for me specifically.  What is that similarity?

Well, that similarity is that both of these things seem to come up when I get past the facade and look at the deeper rooted lessons and things I have been working through.  Let us take Anger first.

I would say I spent the good majority of the past three years angry or frustrated or agitated and uncomfortable.   I felt this so much so, that I am now working through all of what I didn’t work through before, the feelings, the emotions of anger and the process etc.  Anger towards my family or friends or doctors or the situation.  Anger that was okay for it to come up but at the same time was not helping me.  I have had to really work through a lot of this anger, frustration, agitation and learn to let go of it and release it.

And it is easy to be angry, it is easy to hold onto this anger, it almost becomes comfortable but at the same time, it isn’t healthy and holds us back or holds me back from my true potential.

So I release this anger and all anger and frustration and agitation now, as it doesn’t serve me anymore.

Now, money.  How has money affected me?  How has it been a lesson?  Well, when the facade is broken and the deeper core things up, one thing that comes up is money.

Money has been in many ways a big theme throughout my journey.  Not being able to work or make the money I need for treatments to get better always has held things back and then the circle happens and anxiety happens.  It is almost all if not all fear based.

When this happens, I then think about when I lived in Los Angeles and before I started not feeling well and how money in many ways helped create this”illness” or this journey because of the lessons that needed to be made.  And here is what I have learned.

Money is abundant and not lacking and it is coming to me.  I don’t need to be anxious about it or fear it or fear having it to move forward and move out.  It flows through me.  It is not thinking small and nickel and diming it.  It is knowing the world is abundance and big.


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