Forming my Being

The being that you are can vanish in the blink of an eye.  And I think people don’t realize this.  Shit, they take life and being who they are for granted.  I sure as hell don’t anymore.  This process has taught me that.

For three years give or take I walked around waiting for my being to form.  This might sound strange, but the truth is, this what was happening.

One day my being vanished and it has taken over three years for my being start really forming again.  At moments there would be pieces and parts that would come back and maybe every once in a blue moon my being would come together but for the  most part my being, my place in the world just went out the window and I continuously felt displaced.

This might sound odd, or strange or make me sound like I am whacky or something but the truth is, it isn’t and very true and a very unsettling feeling in many ways.  And most of all this then makes me wonder, when a baby is going through a gestation period, are they feeling the process and how much of it is enjoyable and how much of it isn’t.

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