The Lyme Brain

I think what makes Lyme Disease so hard to beat is the fact that it takes over your body and more specifically your brain so much that it doesn’t allow you to do the things to get better and actually so often you end up doing things that only seem to make you worse and create more chaos.

As I feel better, and better and better.  And I feel more clear and more clear and come back into my own again.  I begin to realize how much lyme really affected my brain affected everything and anything I did.  How it created so much chaos through my day and my decision making was so off that I would go through the day but I would never feel like I was part of the day.  On top of that, it controlled my day and made it so that I would be limited to what I did each day and do things in such a time consuming way that it seemed to take more time doing just normal little things that people do quickly.

Lyme so affects your brain that it makes you not be able to do the things you need to do to get better and break free.

It creates fear, chaos, negativity, sensitivity, isolation, poor decision making, time wasting, negative thinking, emotional instability and so on and so forth.

You I look at today and how much I did in much more efficient way and yes, I could have done this before, doing the same things I do every week, but my mind could not even process doing things a different way.

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