I don’t need Your Energy Anymore

On Monday, I went to a woman who does Bach Flower Essences and she gave me a tincture to start taking.  I later on talked to her further about everything I have gone through, what was going on, etc.  And she said something interesting to me and asked me have I apologized to people in the past for things I might have done.

It got me thinking about not just the last three years of things I might have done but also in the past and how what she was saying, is that I was possibly still holding on to their energies and I need to apologize and release it.

I think we hold onto the energy of past lovers, coworkers, friends, random people, family, etc.  and we don’t realize I think a lot of the time how this can prevent us from moving forward, healing trauma and letting go.

There comes a point where we need to realize we don’t need their energy anymore.

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