There has to be a trust

For you to beat anything in life, for you to be extremely successful, for you to reach your goals, there needs to be a trust, not just in the universe but in yourself.  If there is not, you will not get to where you want to be and you will not overcome what you want to overcome.

I have to admit, trust was a hard thing for me, especially when I felt so darn awful most of the time and so crappy seemingly like things were never ending and I was not getting any place.  It was hard for me to trust things.

I knew I had to get to a point of rebuilding my trust not just in the universe but in myself again, which to be honest has taken a long time and it hasn’t been easy.  I knew I had to not just overcome what I was dealing with but also achieve the things I want to achieve.

So there has to be a trust to overcome anything and do anything, if there is not, you have nothing.

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