Putting It All Together

I know I have blogged about this before, but it is something that you are always striving for when you are working towards full healing and balance.  That thing is putting it all together.  And essentially putting the formula together that works for you.

So what is formula, how have I put it all together?  Well, it is as follows, and I am going to break it down into categories:

PHYSICAL –  The physical part of putting everything together I think is the most straight forward.  Though very challenging figuring out what the puzzle is, it is very tangible and not as broad.

For myself, the physical part or what I believe has gotten me this far and is getting me to where I want to be, is as follows:

ANTIBIOTICS – I still feel doing about 3 to 6 months, more on the 3 month side of IV antibiotics would obliterate things, challenge with that is getting insurance to cover it and pay for it, which I am working on.

In the meantime, the antibiotics I have taken have gotten me pretty far with them combined with Ozone.  I am currently doing Bicillin, Azithromyacin and Alinia and just started Septra.  I also Take Valtrex and Troche.

Down the road I can see possibly adding back in Rifampin, Ivermectin possibly, maybe mepron or coartem and possibly switching out Tindimax for Alinia.  It is possible I won’t need to add any of these things and get to where I need to be but these are possibilities.  I have a feeling, don’t like putting time on things, within 6 months give or take I might be close to being off all ABX and in the promise land.

Ozone, Bee Venom and other things – I have also been doing Ozone, which I believe has helped tremendously.  I wish I could IV Ozone more then once a week, but cost gets in the way but I am working towards doing that still.  I also have a machine at home and use it daily.

I recently started Bee Venom specifically to address more biofilms and boost my immune system.  I think it is great.  Ozone BTW kills biofilms as well, hence why it can help antibiotics penetrate further.

I also take Cannabis oil, which hasn’t done to much I feel for me and sometimes things like Black Cumin oil, same thing.

Other things I want to do are IV Aretsunate again and possibly Thymus injections, especially his towards the end.  I would also like to get some ozone injected in my mouth.


Biggest things I do are sweating, Coffee enemas and the Gubarev Protocol.

I also have added things to help with methylation like Benagene, Oxyblast, NOS Ultra and NADH and Glutathione.


I take the base supplements, like multivitamins, minerals, B complex, C, D and Magnesium and Zinc and Omega Oils but that’s about it.


So the above what I am doing is, reducing pathogen load, maintaining cell function and body function and cleaning out toxins, while boosting my immune system.  The formula.



Letting go of the past, control and trusting the process.

Thinking in abundance and not minimalistic.

Turning all negatives into positives and changing perspective.

Not being angry anymore or having guilt toward things or anybody.

Not letting fear get in the way of what I need to do.

Changing the world and being true to myself

Focusing my energy correctly and the way I want too.  Not erratic or chaotic.

Being present and in the moment.

Stop complaining and having any victim mentality.

Not people pleasing or letting anybody take my power away.

And just starting new, starting fresh.  A whole new lease on life.

Making rational decisions and thinking clearly when making these decisions.

Creating the life I want to live.


And this is how I put it all together.



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