Lyme makes your world extremely small.  Or even more Lyme takes the problems or issues and weaknesses in your life and just exasperates them under a microscope.  You can’t then look at this as a problem, or you can examine that these are the things you need to work on, or your “issues”.

For me, one of the things I needed to work on was creating abundance and not a lack of it.  So with Lyme, this became exasperated with everything from not buying one ten dollar supplement I needed and letting my energy consume that to only doing one little thing or this little thing, not just because of how I feel, but exasperating an issue or weakness I needed to work on.

So to heal, for me, is to create abundance in everything and do everything I need to do and don’t let this lack of mentality get in the way.  Creating abundance in doing what I need to do and not allowing things to get in the way or excuses.

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