Don’t suppress your feelings

With Lyme Disease, I think a lot of people suppress their feelings and thoughts and their being for a long period of time.  Partially because of not being able to feel them and being really affected by Lyme, but also because you become so afraid of them and letting them out that you end up suppressing them as they build up.

Looking at myself, not just the past few years, but my whole life, I feel to some extent I was suppressing my feelings.  Sure, I tend to be outspoken and blunt and honest and speak my mind often but at the same time my feelings at times I feel would be suppressed as I kind of just went with the universe, maybe people pleased, and just let things be what they were.

As I started dealing with Lyme Disease, my feelings and emotions seemed to get suppressed even more and more.  So much so, that when I would actually express them and let them out, it seemed strange and vulnerable and made me almost more insecure.

Last night, I was really notice this, because the last few weeks, I have been letting out my feelings and thoughts and how I have been feeling and what I have dealing with with more clarity and expression then I have the last three plus years.  A lot of different things that have been bottled up inside me because either my mind would blur out or forget what I was going to say, etc. or I just became afraid of them.

I know it is not healthy for you to suppress your feelings and essentially be who you are, but Lyme can do this to you.  It really can.  So much so, that you become afraid of them, afraid of who you are, afraid of everything you do because none of it feels right.

It is almost harder or more difficult in some ways to feel how you are supposed to feel again and start to heal and adapt back to the world then it is to go through Lyme Disease.

Suppressing your feelings is not a good thing, no matter what those feelings might be.

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