Focusing On Your Health Is Your Job Right Now

When I first started not feeling well, and I didn’t know what was going on and I was scared to death and erratic and chaotic and all over the place and could never calm down.  This friend of mine told me your job right now is your health and getting better, nothing else.

I was so out of it and erratic that it was hard for me to really grasp that, though I did to an extent, in many ways I didn’t.  I think I always felt because my life changed so suddenly in a day, it would change back in a day.

So, as time went on, it was difficult for me to focus on my health fully the way I should.  Sure I was focused on it a lot and doing as much as I could in many ways, but at the same time my energy was spread for awhile in places it should not have been.

So, the last few weeks, I was reminded of this, that focusing on my health is number one, and nothing else really matters unless I have my health and everything else will fall into place.  As I began to decide this, things started shifting and suddenly the clarity happened in what I need to do get better and what I need to to feel awesome again.  Not spread thin on other projects or people, just my energy on my health.

So, I would say this, if you are not 100% healthy and happy right now, focus on that and only that first and nothing else and everything will come into place.

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