You have to Put It All Into Yourself

Do you know what the trick is to beating Lyme Disease?  Putting all your energy into yourself and nothing else.  Not another person, not a project that distracts you, nothing else, but your health and you.  Easy, right?  Not really, because most people don’t, actually it is rare to find somebody who does.  But the person who does, that is the person who gets better and beats Lyme Disease and does everything they want with their life.

Honestly, it took me a long long time to get to a point where I was totally focused on my health and me.  Really, that probably only happen within the last few weeks.  And the minute I did, the minute I let go and put all of the energy here, things started to really shift.

A lot of people will try to invade your boundaries and consciously or unconsciously take you away from what you need to focus on.  You can’t let that deter you and you can’t let that take you away from your focus.  Remember, all that matters is you and I know you want to get better, don’t you?

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