Letting Go and Finding Trust

Easier said then done, right?   Easier said then done when it comes to beating something like Lyme Disease.  Especially when you keep thinking you are better then you truly are and realize you weren’t even close.

Over a year ago I wrote a book, I have been blogging for 3.5 years and I always felt after writing my book, trying to move my life forward, doing work here and there, that I was better then I really was.  But the reality was I really wasn’t close, so this is were the need to find trust and let go comes in.

Lyme takes your weaknesses and lessons you need to learn and exasperates them exponentially.  One of the things that I had a challenge with was trusting and letting go at times and having faith things are going to work out and not get anxious about it and try to push things.

Through the Lyme experience, it has been a major challenge finding trust in knowing that I will be symptom free one day and I am doing everything I should be doing and doing it correctly.  This especially since it seems the cycle seems to play itself out the same as time goes on consistently, just with more awareness from me, and less chaos from me.

But, you have to find a way to trust your path, trust what you are doing and let go and trust that all these things that are happening in your life are going to work out for you and that you can’t control everything.

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