Put Your Energy Into What you Want, Not What You Don’t

The last month plus has been super intense.  Honestly, more intense a month then I can ever remember.  Through the intensity, I was so caught up in it, that all I was constantly doing was talking about how I don’t want this or don’t want to feel this way, etc.  All my energy was being put into what I didn’t want.

Then I took a step back and realized I should be putting my energy into what I do want, not what I don’t want.  Making steps forward towards what I do want and doing the things I need to do to get what I do want.  What I do want, is to be symptom free and happy and healthy.  What I do want is to be flowing and living in Los Angeles and feeling great all the time and able to do anything I want anytime I want.  What I do want is to be abundant and successful.  Most of all, I just want to feel great all the time.

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