Eventually, things will just be easy

Dealing with Lyme disease you almost get used to things “not being easy” or having to be over aware in every moment and feel something in every moment.  It is a feeling you should not be used to but you become used to it.   So much so that you almost forget  what just waking up and feeling good and having everything be fluid feels like.

I was speaking with my friend about this and how eventually things will be easy.   Going to the supermarket won’t be hard.  Doing work will be fluid and the day overall will just flow the way we want in every moment and essentially we will break free.

We forget about this when we are really in it and can’t get out of it that life is not meant to be hard or we are not meant to be always be in protection mode or ultra aware of everything we do or how we feel.   Everything will just be easy and fluid.

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