Just have to keep going

You know what makes Lyme disease so challenging to beat, the fact that it seems to take forever and when you think you are making headway and have made headway you realize you have only just begun.

Through the past 3.5 plus years there have been many ebbs and flows and many moments were I really genuinely felt and thought I was really getting better and close to that finish line of being symptom free only to realize it seemed like I only just begun.

Recently I really felt like I was making a lot of headway quickly and really close to that finish line, only to realize as I dug deeper and got to deeper layers I was really finally getting to the pinnacle.

Many individuals with Lyme disease get fed up and frustrated because it seems never ending and seems like they are not getting better and so often give up treatments to soon and just don’t want to deal with it anymore but if you keep going, it will be worth it.

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