Undcovering what was underneath

what can make Lyme disease so challenging is as you feel like you are getting some place and breaking layers, you begin to realize you have only just begun and are uncovering what was underneath.

In many ways, I developed a comfort, a certain routine, a certain cycle, a level of protection, anxiety, ultra awareness to adapt to how I felt and not do anything to push it or make me feel worse, etc.

i knew at some point these cycles and patterns would be broken and have to be broken to live my life again and fully heal.

About 2.5 months ago, this pattern was broken one day and at the time I didn’t really realize it because things got really intense and scary for me.  I couldn’t realize what was happening at the time but now I can.  Now I realize that the sudden intensity and shift was needed to reveal what was underneath and really deal with the root of everything and beat Lyme disease.

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