Good old rifampin

People obsessively search and search and will continue to search for answers to beating Lyme disease even when they have a good plan in place.  They continue to search because they have been down these roads many many times and they continue to search and will do that until they are 100%.

i am this same way.  Even at this point when I am doing a fair amount and have a plan in place I still search and search.  Part of this plan is adding in rifampin.

Since the beginning, I have always suspected that bartonella was my main culprit and the main thing affecting me.

Rifampin is an antibiotic commonly used to treat bartonella and usually the main antibiotic used to treat it.

Rifampin is a strong drug and can be a hard drug to tolerate.

I have taken it before and it has been both challenging to take and also at times I have been able to tolerate it.  When I added it in last time, it was very very intense because I had taken it with bee venom and other therapies.  I had never done this before.

Well, I am about to add back in rifampin because if I feel bartonella is the main thing affecting me and creating the symptoms I am having still.  This is the final piece.

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