Things Are Not Meant To Be Hard

When you deal with challenges in your life that overtake you and make everything you do difficult, you feel that everything that you do is hard and challenging like it is meant to be that way.  The reality is though, it is not meant to be that way.

For myself, being caught up in everything, it has made it seem that everything I do is meant to be hard or challenging, like that was what it was like.  I so would feel this way because of how I would feel mentally and how much I would feel caught up in it all not being able to think outside of that moment.  Of course, this would make it seem like everything is meant to be hard or challenging.

When I do get the clear moments, I do start to realize things like, going to the grocer store, going to a restaurant, dancing, traveling, working on the computer, going to a yoga class and so on and so forth are not meant to be hard.  Actually, they are meant to be natural human things that we do.

Through this journey, it has been important for me to remind myself these things, that all of this stuff is not meant to be hard and everything is supposed to be natural and normal.

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